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SimpleNotify is a lightweight client-server implementation that allows you to notify many users in your network with custom messages in a very simple way. There are a couple of ways how you want to push these messages to your clients.
SimpleNotify is developed in C#.



This project contains 3 components:
  • Service
  • Client (Receiver)
  • Push Clients (Sender)
All you need to do is having the service component running on a server in your network, and setup the clients by putting your server’s hostname in their config file. That’s it!
The clients will automatically subscribe for new messages on the service. You can trigger the service with tools which are included to this package. The service will then forward your message to all subscribed clients and the users will see a popup notification similar to this:

You can specify a title, text and the type of notification (info, warning, error)
  • SimpleNotify is designed to use port 80 and http protocol to communicate. Also uses Internet Explorer proxy settings if there are any.
  • You can push new messages manually by using the push application
  • You can push new messages automatically with powershell cmdlets
  • If you wish to push new messages from your own application to your clients, you can simply call the SimpleNotify webservice
  • Receive notifications with any other application using the SimpleNotify wrapper client library


  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

For more instructions and screenshots see the Documentation

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